Tuesday, October 12, 2010

too busy

Why yes, I would rather be weaving than blogging. With the approach of the 2010 Minnesota Federation retreat, I am a bit behind in all the things I am doing: weaving all 54 nametags, preparing to teach lettering on the inkle loom, weaving two potholders on the inkle loom for the exchange... but with a minor warp in the space time continuum (should be easy for a weaver) I feel confident, that I will NOT still be weaving at 2am the morning I leave. And no, I am not the least bit delusional.

Here's a peek
these are the green nametags. our theme is color, so all the nametags are different colors.
here is the orange warp, over half done. getting there...
and here are my nine nomi looms, ready to attach a book and sell! Whoot!
Not bad for a couple of months. I will try to take a photo of all of the nametags together. they should look very impressive!


  1. I came across your nomi loom while researching portable inkles. Is it for sale outside of your local weaving group? Thanks, from Marta in Santa Fe, NM

  2. Hi Marta,
    Yes, I am more than happy to sell them outside our local area. The Nomi loom is $50.00, and comes with a small instruction booklet. Let me know if you are interested, or if you have any other questions.


  3. Hi again Naomi,
    I am still interested! It looks like a great little inkle. Why did you decide to take on this project? I do have additional questions, e.g.: loom dimensions and weaving length; shipping costs included or extra; approx. earliest ship date & carrier; method of payment needed. If you prefer to email, use newmexicoloom@comcast.net
    Thanks much, Marta