Monday, February 22, 2010

the Nomi Inkle Loom

my new mini inkle loom, soon to be in production. I LOVE it. super portable, and still able to weave 36 inches in length. And I thought the Schacht Loom was portable. I have a dozen on order. Can't wait for my first teaching class!


  1. Do I see letters in that rainbow band? Letters picked up on the horizontal bar background?
    I have always done letters on a sort of checkerboard, but would love to know how to do them on a horizontal bar instead.

  2. Hi Annie,
    Thanks for asking. Those are letters! This is my favorite lettering warp, so many letters contain a bar, that the weaving goes very quickly.
    I think it was an article in Handwoven Magazine in the early 90's, I will check my folder, and get you an exact issue. A weaver friend of mine, Leone Murphy, did a bookmark for me on the bar warp instead of checkerboard, and I have never looked back!


  3. Yes, it was you! Thanks for this wonderful idea!

  4. I would love to have the instructions on how to do this lettering! Please contact me as soon as you get this! I Thank you in advance.

    Marsha Knox
    1322 4th St. S.W.
    Moultrie, GA 31768

  5. how do we buy these looms? Will you be at shepherds Harvest?

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  7. This is such a cute loom. Love the design!

    1. Thanks! I love how portable it is, fits just about anywhere, and is very sturdy!